Synthetic twines for big round, small square, and large square bales.


We provide a quality manufactured twine that is suitable for big round, small square, and large square bales. Our synthetic twines are available in several sizes and knot strengths.

ShurTwine | Square Bales and Round Bales Twine Range

Benefit - Specs

  • LONGER LENGTH BALLS => LESS CHANGES => HIGHER OUTPUT Extra length for less ball changes, less waste and higher efficiency.
  • Unrivalled knot performance, flexible and strong for 100% reliable tight knots on your bales.
  • Uniform ball shape to ensure trouble-free running in the baler.
  • Big Baler twine range fully validated by ALL THE MAJOR BALER PRODUCERS.
  • Special UV light inhibitors to withstand intense UV exposure over long periods.
  • ShurTwines are treated with a special fibrillation technique which gives particular softness and knot holding.
Segment Brand Size Colour Spools/Pallet
Round ShurTwine 28,000/110 blue 100
Round ShurTwine 40,000/110 blue 80
Large Square ShurTwine 4,000/440 pink 48
Large Square ShurTwine 5,400/450 rust 36
Large Square ShurTwine 4,300/550 green 36
Large Square ShurTwine 4,100/600 blue 48
Large Square ShurTwine 4,000/650 pink 36
Medium Square ShurTwine 7,200/190 blue, black, pink 60
Medium Square ShurTwine 6,500/210 blue, pink 48
Sisal ShurTwine Sisal 16,000/170 gold 50