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Working hard to service the very same people that helped shape our existence.

In 2010 a local Iowa farmer, Jay Gunderson and a colleague took advantage of an opportunity that presented itself to start a custom baling enterprise. This opportunity presented some unique challenges. The corn stalk biomass they would be baling would be not only challenging to bale but the net wrap used to make the bales would need some specific qualities. First of the net wrap needed to be able to withstand the sharp edges of the corn stalks while retaining the integrity of the bale. Secondly the net wrap needed to be able to withstand extended periods of time exposed to the tough year-round Midwest environment.

Consistency, Confidence, Customer Service``

After trying a number of net wrap products in the baling business, Jay knew the qualities he was looking for in a net wrap and looked for a supplier that could produce that product. That search led him to partner with a company and the result of that partnership is ShurWrap™.